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Juhar to Life: An Appeal

People are dying for air that God gave us for free. Today we chase Cylinders, often, breathless……

Juhar Foundation Appeals you to Save Others . Breathe your free share of air and help breathless get their share too.

As COVID 19 ravages undeterred through India, we are witnessing heartbreaking visuals. We as concerned citizens cannot and must not remain mute spectators. 

Juhar Foundation has already started assisting poor and vulnerable people of Odisha. We are a young organisation fighting COVID since March 2020,currently engaged in creating Oxygen Banks in different small towns with acute shortage to begin within co-ordination with the ground zero volunteers/credible local partners who are helping to save people in this pandemic days. We have already started 04 Oxygen Bank in Bargarh (15 cylinders), Sambalpur (25 cylinders), Bolangir ( 20 cylinders) and Bhawanipatna(20 cylinders). And will be expanding to other small towns all over Odisha depending on available funds/donations from donors for this noble cause.  

Let's donate & save lives.........


Save Lives Together

Let's donate & save lives.........

Save Lives

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become a volunteer

If you are a resident of India, you can directly contribute to “Juhar Foundation“. If you are a resident of other countries (USA, UK, UAE. etc), you can donate from your India bank account ( If you have one) or through your relatives/close family members in India, as we cannot directly receive donations as per new Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), Govt of India. 

A/c details:

Juhar Foundation
Current Account No. 003205009265
ICICI Bank Dadar Branch Mumbai 400014
IFS code ICIC 0000032

Juhar Foundation Oxygen Banks

Currently with aid from Public Juhar foundation has initiated 04 Oxygen Banks at Sambalpur, Bolangir,
Bargarh and Bhawanipatna. As you read we are opening more branches in Sundergarh and neighboring districts. Each of our Oxygen bank is catering to almost 25-30 poor and vulnerable community members every day. All our centers are linked and aligned to local team of doctors. At times where essential we also support for home delivery for critical patients. Help us to reach more people by actively becoming volunteer and contributing to your best possible means!!!